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Three Layer Memory Foam

The S3 Memory Foam mattress has an innovative custom three layer design combining springy and breathable latex layer, space age memory foam layer and high density support layer for a truly comfortable sleep experience with no partner disturbance

5 Zone Pocket Spring

The S4 Hybrid and S5 Lux mattresses both have a revolutionary pocket spring system (1,000+indvidual pocket springs) arranged over 5 separate zones of firmness which provide tailored support and comfort to different parts of your body with no partner disturbance

7 Zone Patented Air Suspension

The S7 Ultimate mattress has a world’s first patented ‘air’ pocket spring system (2,300+ individual pocket springs) arranged over 7 separate zones of firmness which provides tailored support to each contour of your body for the ultimate night’s sleep with no partner disturbance

It’s not just your back that’ll feel good – your soul will too

Our S3 Memory Foam and S4 Hybrid Mattresses contain advanced foams which are certified by CertiPUR-US®

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Differences between a Memory foam mattress, a Latex mattress and a Pocket spring mattress?

Memory foam was developed by NASA as part of the space programme and has revolutionary pressure relieving properties. Latex foam is springy and provides the ‘bounce’ in the mattress and the version we use is a natural latex foam which is breathable for comfort. These two layers when combined provide an ideal combination as the natural breathable latex layer provides just enough give and bounce, so that you will be fully supported by the pressure relieving memory foam below.

Our S3 Memory Foam mattress adds a third layer of shock absorbing high density polyurethane foam to these two layers, whereas our S4 Hybrid adds a 5 zone pocket spring system to the latex and memory foam layers. Both are excellent choices, some people prefer springs, some prefer foams. Both models are a mattress in a box for easy handling.

Our S5 Lux is based on a 5 zone pocket spring system and is a luxurious pillow top mattress incorporating memory foam and latex layers.

Our S7 Ultimate has a 7 zone pocket spring system which incorporates the world’s first patented air suspension technology and has an ultra luxurious pillow top incorporating several layers of premium foams including gel infused memory foam.

Buy a mattress online…. how do I know it’s suitable for me?

The online revolution has finally come to the bed and mattress world! Let’s face it, going to bed stores on a weekend to try and buy a bed mattress was never the best retail experience. Contending with a confusing array of mattresses (the average bed shop has over 40 different kinds of mattresses), the impossibility of being able to compare any given branded mattress (for example a Sealy mattress) between retail outlets due to deliberate industry practice of giving essentially the same mattress different model names, means high street mattress shopping is frustrating. And that’s before having to deal with pushy and uninformed salespeople trying to steer you to a mattress that gives them the best commission that particular day is not fun and a waste of precious time.

Trying a mattress out in a store for 10 minutes is never truly going to tell you anything about what kind of night’s sleep you’ll get on it. Some bed stores give you trial periods, but that often comes with delivery fees and return fees.

So go down the 100% risk free route – buy one of our super comfy quality mattresses and we will deliver it for free and you’ll get 3 months to decide if it’s right for you and we’ll even pick it up for free and give you a 100% refund if you decide you don’t like it.

Don’t forget our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in New Zealand (even compared to other online retailers) and check out our mattress reviews.

Will you be having a mattress sale?

Sales are so yesterday….our prices are the lowest 365 days of the year – guaranteed (see price comparison page).

We offer the best quality and most technologically advanced range of mattresses in New Zealand. To top it off, these mattresses are up to one third of the price of equivalent mattresses that you could purchase on the high street. Because we are 100% online, we simply don’t have the overheads that high street bed shops incur for example expensive rents, salaries and commissions.

Not only are our prices substantially lower than the high street, you get the mattress delivered free to you directly, no matter where you live in New Zealand. Our prices are also the lowest compared to all the online bed and mattress stores – we regularly compare our prices to our online competitors to ensure that you can be 100% confident of buying the best mattress at the lowest possible price 365 days of the year.

In the rare instance you find an mattress with a specification that’s equivalent to any in our range, that’s priced lower, we will price match (refer to the Legal Mumbo Jumbo section for details).

What sizes do your mattresses come in?

Our mattress sizes vary depending on the specific model. The main mattress sizes you can buy include a Single mattress size, Double size mattress, Queen size mattress and a Superking size mattress.

Single mattress Double mattress Queen mattress Superking mattress
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